Crying False Claims Should be a Crime


Remember the story of the boy who cried wolf? This is similar to what insurance lawyers like me face on a daily basis – false claims. There are people in this world who will do anything to weasel money out of their respective insurance companies. Remember the movie I LOVE YOU PHILIP MORRIS? Well, the antics of Jim Carrey in the movie are similar to what people do in real life to get a few thousand dollars in settlement money. What people should realize here is that false claims can be a very serious offense.

False claims are harmless, as most people would want to think, but they are causing undue stress to a company that strives to provide honest service. When false claims are put forward, they put the insurance company into trouble because they end up wasting their manpower into proving that the claim was false and that the lawyers who defend them end up doing unnecessary work.

But sadly, there are more than thousands of false claims being put forward by a lot of people and most of them end up being paid for by the insurance companies just to make things easier.

So who is the bigger criminal?


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